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Alignment is a holistic approach aiming to shape a new economy, aligned with the best interests of people, society and our planet. This platform is a collaborative effort to make it happen.

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Alignment is a continuous improvement process. Companies need to rely on clear indicators to monitor their achievements. To help them add KAIs to the traditional KPIs, 2050 designed a framework articulated around 5 dimensions:

Founder &
Team Engagement

How are founders and their teams aligned with the corporate mission; how is it nurturing their personal drivers and how does it impact management practices?

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Shine : first carbon footprint’s assessment (FR)

avatarShine1 years ago
1 years ago

Nicolas Reboud's testimonial of the first assessment of Shine's carbon footprint in 2019 (FR).

Maturity Level 1

Integrating workers into investment and financing frameworks

This paper ,part of a “Stakeholders of the Just Transition”,aims to assess the ways in which financial actors can better incorporate the dimension of workers into their strategi (...)

Maturity Level 3

How to define your engagement charter? (FR)

Abstracts from Prophil's study "Carnet de voyage au pays des fondations actionnaires". You will find here guidelines to define your "engagement charter" : a legal document expla (...)

Maturity Level 1

Shareholder foundations governance guidelines (FR)

Abstracts from Prophil's study "Carnet de voyage au pays des fondations actionnaires". You will find here guidelines to define a good governance scheme for companies owned by fo (...)

Maturity Level 1

Steward-ownership : rethinking ownership in the 21st century

Steward-ownership structurally retools who holds control in companies and what motivates decisions.

Maturity Level 3

The environmental challenges of the 21st century

2050 1 years ago 1 years ago
A transdisciplinary course on the climate challenges under free license, co-created by 2050 and taught at the University of Paris-Dauphine.
Maturity Level 1

Sens et liberté : revenir aux fondamentaux du management

La motivation des collaborateurs est le 1er enjeu RH des dirigeants. Voici un cadre de réflexion, des modalités d’application théoriques et cas concrets pour comprendre ce que l (...)

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