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Alignment is a holistic approach aiming to shape a new economy, aligned with the best interests of people, society and our planet. This platform is a collaborative effort to make it happen.

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Alignment is a continuous improvement process. Companies need to rely on clear indicators to monitor their achievements. To help them add KAIs to the traditional KPIs, 2050 designed a framework articulated around 5 dimensions:

Founder &
Team Engagement

How are founders and their teams aligned with the corporate mission; how is it nurturing their personal drivers and how does it impact management practices?

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Permaentreprise : short summary (FR)

avatarNorsys3 years ago
3 years ago

Based on 3 inseparable ethics principles, the "permaentreprise" model aims to help the company reinforce its dedication to common good, through its business. A new way to consid (...)

Maturity Level 1

Shareholder Foundations’ overview

Abstracts from Prophil's European study on shareholder foundations (when a company is owned by a foundation to protect its mission)

Maturity Level 2

Integrating workers into investment and financing frameworks

This paper ,part of a “Stakeholders of the Just Transition”,aims to assess the ways in which financial actors can better incorporate the dimension of workers into their strategi (...)

Maturity Level 3

Making a Just Transition: the Roadmap of the Paris Financial Center

A Just Transition is one that seeks to mitigate the negative social impacts of our transition to a low-carbon and environmentally friendly world and, conversely, to maximise pos (...)

Maturity Level 3

Is the digital sector an ally or an ennemy ?

At the time of the first Mac launch, global warming was already well understood ...

Maturity Level 1

Climate Change : Understanding what at stake

Articles on the links between human activity and climate change as well as on ecological and economic risks.

Maturity Level 1

La gouvernance des PME et ETI, levier de confiance et de performance

Le terme de gouvernance est régulièrement utilisé pour des situations très différentes. Appliqué aux PME et ETI, que recouvre ce concept ? Existe-il une bonne gouvernance ? Comm (...)

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