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Alignment is a holistic approach aiming to shape a new economy, aligned with the best interests of people, society and our planet. This platform is a collaborative effort to make it happen.

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From KPI to KAI.

Alignment is a continuous improvement process. Companies need to rely on clear indicators to monitor their achievements. To help them add KAIs to the traditional KPIs, 2050 designed a framework articulated around 5 dimensions:

Founder &
Team Engagement

How are founders and their teams aligned with the corporate mission; how is it nurturing their personal drivers and how does it impact management practices?

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Diversity in venture capital : a practical toolkit for VC funds

avatarDiversity VC3 years ago
3 years ago

A practical starting guide for VCs, to help them promote diversity and inclusion (D&I) within their organisations & portfolio.

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Is the digital sector an ally or an ennemy ?

At the time of the first Mac launch, global warming was already well understood ...

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Six steps to kickstart your climate strategy

Short presentation to deepen your expertise on climate change and undertake ambitious actions in your company.

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Term Sheet Templates for impact companies

Term Sheet templates and case studies for mission-driven companies

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The environmental challenges of the 21st century – 2022 Edition

2050 12 months ago 12 months ago
A transdisciplinary course on the climate challenges under free license, co-created by 2050 and taught at the University of Paris-Dauphine.
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Shine : first carbon footprint’s assessment (FR)

Shine 3 years ago 3 years ago

Nicolas Reboud's testimonial of the first assessment of Shine's carbon footprint in 2019 (FR).

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How to define your corporate philanthropy strategy ?

Abstracts from Prophil's study "Carnet de voyage au pays des fondations actionnaires". Here you will find a template to easily define your corporate philanthropy strategy.

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