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Alignment is a holistic approach aiming to shape a new economy, aligned with the best interests of people, society and our planet. This platform is a collaborative effort to make it happen.

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From KPI to KAI.

Alignment is a continuous improvement process. Companies need to rely on clear indicators to monitor their achievements. To help them add KAIs to the traditional KPIs, 2050 designed a framework articulated around 5 dimensions:

Founder &
Team Engagement

How are founders and their teams aligned with the corporate mission; how is it nurturing their personal drivers and how does it impact management practices?

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Climate Change : Understanding what at stake

avatarTime for the Planet2 years ago
2 years ago

Articles on the links between human activity and climate change as well as on ecological and economic risks.

Maturity Level 1

Les défis environnementaux du 21ème siècle (FR) – Édition 2022

2050 2 years ago 2 years ago
Un cours transdisciplinaire sur les enjeux climatiques, co-créé en licence libre par 2050 et enseigné en première année à l'Université Paris-Dauphine.
Maturity Level 1

Galion Values Process (FR)

It aims to support entrepreneurs in building their company's values, based on a strong conviction: a company's growth depends above all on its values, the ultimate vector of dif (...)

Maturity Level 1

The environmental challenges of the 21st century

2050 2 years ago 2 years ago
A transdisciplinary course on the climate challenges under free license, co-created by 2050 and taught at the University of Paris-Dauphine.
Maturity Level 1

Galion Term Sheet (FR)

A TS model prior to the shareholders' agreement with notes and comments. The purpose of this publication is to guide company founders and managers in drafting a document to fram (...)

Maturity Level 2

Galion Gender Agreement (FR)

The Galion Project does not pretend to solve a problem that goes far beyond the world of work, but proposes 45 simple and concrete solutions defined with Galion members to promo (...)

Maturity Level 1

Permaentreprise guidelines (FR)

Norsys 2 years ago 2 years ago

The permaentreprise is looking for an efficient production, useful for human beings, without harming the Earth, thanks to a sober usage of resources. A new way to consider the r (...)

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