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Petit Précis de l’évaluation d’impact social #2

avatarESSEC23 days ago
23 days ago
Le Petit Précis est un guide concis et, synthétique qui permet de comprendre ce qu'est l'évaluation d'impact, pourquoi s'y interesser et comment concrètement mener une démarche.
Maturity Level 1

Permaentreprise guidelines (FR)

Norsys 1 years ago 1 years ago

The permaentreprise is looking for an efficient production, useful for human beings, without harming the Earth, thanks to a sober usage of resources. A new way to consider the r (...)

Maturity Level 1

How to define your corporate philanthropy strategy ?

Abstracts from Prophil's study "Carnet de voyage au pays des fondations actionnaires". Here you will find a template to easily define your corporate philanthropy strategy.

Maturity Level 1

How to define a mission-led business model? (FR)

Abstract from Prophil's study "Carnet de voyage au pays des entreprises à mission". A template to help founders and teams to align their business model with the company's missio (...)

Maturity Level 1

Galion Values Process (FR)

It aims to support entrepreneurs in building their company's values, based on a strong conviction: a company's growth depends above all on its values, the ultimate vector of dif (...)

Maturity Level 1

Community Canvas Minimum Viable Community

Community Canvas created a Minimum Viable Community template, choosing the most crucial 9 questions to start with.

Maturity Level 2

Community Canvas Guidebook

A framework to help you build meaningful communities. The 3 Sections and each of the 17 Themes covered in detail with key questions, further background and observations.

Maturity Level 2

Design your sustainable business model

Explore the six modules with 32 videos on how to design and implement sustainable business models.

Maturity Level 1

How investors can manage their impact

IMP describes widely agreed-upon norms for communicating the impact goals of a portfolio and constructing a portfolio to meet them.

Maturity Level 2

How enterprises can manage their impact

IMP provide actionable guidance on how enterprises can set impact goals and manage performance.

Maturity Level 2