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The impact of teleworking on our lives (FR)

avatarSwile1 years ago
1 years ago

5 expert·e·s Swile explorent en profondeur les 5 grands sujets du télétravail : le numérique, la santé, l’équilibre vie pro vie perso, les liens sociaux et la mobilité.

Maturity Level 1

Drivers of employee engagement during the covid crisis (FR)

Swile 1 years ago 1 years ago

What impact does the Covid-19 crisis have on employee engagement? Which engagement levers should be used in 2021 to come out of the crisis on top? The study gives tools and good (...)

Maturity Level 1

Mission-led companies – hybrid legal options

Abstracts from Prophil's study on mission-led companies, focusing on legal options that emerged in the US since 2000.

Maturity Level 2

Shareholder Foundations’ overview

Abstracts from Prophil's European study on shareholder foundations (when a company is owned by a foundation to protect its mission)

Maturity Level 2

Permaentreprise : short summary (FR)

Norsys 1 years ago 1 years ago

Based on 3 inseparable ethics principles, the "permaentreprise" model aims to help the company reinforce its dedication to common good, through its business. A new way to consid (...)

Maturity Level 1

Diversity in venture capital : a practical toolkit for VC funds

A practical starting guide for VCs, to help them promote diversity and inclusion (D&I) within their organisations & portfolio.

Maturity Level 1

Diversity & Inclusion in Tech : A Practical Guidebook for Entrepreneur...

A step-by-step guide to help you plan, deploy, monitor and improve a Diversity & Inclusion strategy suited to your company.

Maturity Level 1

Climate Change : Understanding what at stake

Articles on the links between human activity and climate change as well as on ecological and economic risks.

Maturity Level 1

Feedback on Time for the Planet’s governance

Start at 1:36 - testimonials on Time for the Planet's governance (French with English subtitles)

Maturity Level 1

Governance’s principles of Time for the Planet

Discover in details the governance's principles of Time for the Planet to secure its mission in the long-term.

Maturity Level 2

Is the digital sector an ally or an ennemy ?

At the time of the first Mac launch, global warming was already well understood ...

Maturity Level 1