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Galion Gender Agreement (FR)

avatarThe Galion Project2 years ago
2 years ago

The Galion Project does not pretend to solve a problem that goes far beyond the world of work, but proposes 45 simple and concrete solutions defined with Galion members to promo (...)

Maturity Level 1

Galion Values Process (FR)

It aims to support entrepreneurs in building their company's values, based on a strong conviction: a company's growth depends above all on its values, the ultimate vector of dif (...)

Maturity Level 1

Community Canvas Minimum Viable Community

Community Canvas created a Minimum Viable Community template, choosing the most crucial 9 questions to start with.

Maturity Level 2

Community Canvas Guidebook

A framework to help you build meaningful communities. The 3 Sections and each of the 17 Themes covered in detail with key questions, further background and observations.

Maturity Level 2

Design your sustainable business model

Explore the six modules with 32 videos on how to design and implement sustainable business models.

Maturity Level 1

How to run a climate programme

Sweep 2 years ago 2 years ago

More and more companies are starting to manage, report and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Doing this right does take effort and dedication, but it’s a necessity, both fo (...)

Maturity Level 2

Drivers of employee engagement during the covid crisis (FR)

Swile 2 years ago 2 years ago

What impact does the Covid-19 crisis have on employee engagement? Which engagement levers should be used in 2021 to come out of the crisis on top? The study gives tools and good (...)

Maturity Level 1

Permaentreprise : short summary (FR)

Norsys 2 years ago 2 years ago

Based on 3 inseparable ethics principles, the "permaentreprise" model aims to help the company reinforce its dedication to common good, through its business. A new way to consid (...)

Maturity Level 1

Diversity & Female Entrepreneurship : guidance and best practice

These guidelines are intended to provide guidance for investors who are beginning their diversity and inclusion (D&I) journey.

Maturity Level 1

Diversity in venture capital : a practical toolkit for VC funds

A practical starting guide for VCs, to help them promote diversity and inclusion (D&I) within their organisations & portfolio.

Maturity Level 1

Diversity & Inclusion in Tech : A Practical Guidebook for Entrepreneur...

A step-by-step guide to help you plan, deploy, monitor and improve a Diversity & Inclusion strategy suited to your company.

Maturity Level 1