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Carbon Footprint calculation spreadsheet (FR)

avatarMagelan2 years ago
2 years ago

Open sheet designed by Magelan to assess your carbon footprint.

Maturity Level 2

Term Sheet Templates for impact companies

Term Sheet templates and case studies for mission-driven companies

Maturity Level 2

Steward Ownership Legal Guidelines

Steward-ownership refers to a set of legal structures that instill two core principles into the legal DNA of a business: self-governance and profits serve purpose.

Maturity Level 3

Steward-ownership : A short guidebook to legal frameworks

The guidebook outlines specific ways in which companies can embed the principles of steward-ownership. Steward-ownership refers to a set of legal structures that instill two cor (...)

Maturity Level 3

Steward-ownership : rethinking ownership in the 21st century

Steward-ownership structurally retools who holds control in companies and what motivates decisions.

Maturity Level 3

How investors can manage their impact

IMP describes widely agreed-upon norms for communicating the impact goals of a portfolio and constructing a portfolio to meet them.

Maturity Level 2

How enterprises can manage their impact

IMP provide actionable guidance on how enterprises can set impact goals and manage performance.

Maturity Level 2

Net Environmental Contribution Guidelines

The NEC metric calculates the extent to which issuers are aligned with the global transition towards a sustainable, resilient economy. The NEC tool is the only holistic and sect (...)

Maturity Level 3